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Most lenders use the 3-Bureau Shark Report Score, which falls within the range of 300-850. The purpose of this credit score range is to provide consumers and lenders with an easy-to-understand and common frame of reference

If your FICO score is less than 579, you are considered a risky borrower 

There is a limited number of lenders who will approve a score of 580-669 

In the range of 670-739, a score would be considered average to above average 

You would be considered to have a very desirable score between 740 and 799

A score of 800 or higher indicates that you are an exceptional borrower 

Keep your credit safe and secure

3- Bureau Shark Report Score Categories 

Get Started in three Steps


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Complete a quick application and within minutes a compliance specialist will contact you to verify your identity. 



Conveniently purchase either the Gold or Platinum package through the compliance specialist who will explain both options.


72 hrs

After 72 business hours you will have received an itemized list to be corrected on your credit profile to apply for maximum funding 

Key Features

Fix, Fund & Profit

Cash Loans


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Client Review

“All I can say is wow! I went from a 580 credit score to 660 in 45 days! Thank you!!”


Kristina T.

Alexandria VA


Client Review

“After purchasing the Platinum Package I learned that 2 inquiries and 1 collection was prohibiting me from getting funded. My credit counselor Stacy was absolutely amazing and gave me hand in hand mentorship showing me how to get those items removed. Within about 2 months I applied for funding and was approved for $110,000. I was able to start my logistics business and I am so grateful to have found this program.”

-Gerald P.

Seattle Washington


Client Review

“I was approved for $180,000 after completing The Funding Shark Mentorship program with high credit card utilization and 1 late payment. Thank you Matilda for introducing me to this amazing program. My counselor was great, and I was finally able to successfully complete my first fix and flip”


-Danielle J.

Dallas Texas 

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